Its Objectives
Music by Japanese traditional musical instruments such as koto, shakuhachi and shamisen has attracted not only Japanese but also non-Japanese audience. Now, there are substantial number of non-Japanese players of these instruments. Japanese modern composers such as Takemitsu composed musical pieces for Japanese traditional instruments and sometimes music for orchestra including Japanese traditional instruments appears in a concert program outside of Japan. These facts mean that Japanese traditional music is now a cultural property of the world.
With this background, The Association for International Exchange of Japanese Music was established in 1988 to make Japanese traditional music, classical pieces to modern compositions,accessible to international music lovers all over the world. Since then, the association has had various activities such as overseas concerts and multimedia database of Japanese music on internet. In 1993, the association modified its name into Okita memorial association after the memory of late foreign Minister,Saburo Okita, who supported the association in his life.